About the Company

TECHNOLOGIYA company was founded in 2004 and is the owner of the Simtravel trademark.

The main activity of the company in the Russian Federation is the sale of the tourist Simtravel SIM cards allowing to reduce considerably the mobile communication and internet connection costs abroad, as well as the continued support of the entire subscriber base . Our Subscribers are individual entities (tourists), corporate clients (legal entities - companies) whose business processes require international business trip for the staff on a permanent basis.

TECHNOLOGIYA company is a member of European entrepreneurial group BMS GROUP, which operates within the territory of the following countries: Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, USA, Germany, England, France, Israel, Moldova, Georgia and others. The Group’s annual turnover is over $100 million. The staff exceeds 200 employees.

Our Partners are tour operators and agencies, networks of mobile phone outlets, retail stores.

Simtravel works with the key players in the market of payment systems such as QIWI, CyberPlat, Rapid, etc., that’s why the subscribers have no trouble with the balance replenishment of Simtravel SIM cards. It is possible to fill your account promptly not only through our website, but also in the mobile phone outlets, terminals and ATMs in the whole territory of the Russian Federation. Successful cooperation with our Partners enables us to offer competitive prices at the market of international mobile communications.

In addition to working in the area of international mobile communications, BMS GROUP operates in the fields of arranged side street urban parking and public transport e-ticketing.

Our primary mission is to provide a high level of service, as well as fulfillment of obligations to the Subscribers and Partners in a timely manner, through a clear and coordinated work of all departments of our company.