Corporate customers

Corporate cellular communication is generally and sustainably popular, as allows significant savings on phone calls. If the offices of your company are situated in different countries or the employees regularly leave on business trips abroad, it is worth thinking of special tariffs. International calls from Moscow will be cheaper several times, if you connect to corporate tariff plan being in roaming. We make cellular communication really inexpensive! SIMTRAVEL Company offers to its clients corporate tourist sim-cards. Feedback on these sim-cards is the best argument for cooperation with us.

Corporate tariffs of international mobile communication have occupied their niche in the business long ago. They allow not limiting communication and search of data, being even on the other continent. SIMTRAVEL offers the cheapest tariffs in roaming and inexpensive mobile Internet. Having connected to roaming, you’ll be able to make inexpensive international phone calls from your cell phone from Moscow and vice versa to Russia from 199 countries of the world!

Corporate communication of SIMTRAVEL is functional, reliable and convenient. And our sim-cards provide unlimited term of service without any subscription fee. So returning home you may keep your sim-card till the next trip. Advantages of corporate communication in roaming of SIMTRAVEL are obvious:


  • ЗCall’s cost $ 0.25 / min in 124 countries around the world within the network;
  • Free incoming calls in 124 countries around the world;
  • Tariff Options: SMS from $ 0.10 and preferential Internet;
  • A flexible system of discounts depending on the intensity of the conversation;
  • No monthly fees and terms of service;
  • Payment by bank transfer.


  • «Reservation of Russian phone number» — you may take calls and make outgoing calls from your Russian number;
  • The service of "Personal Assistant" is round a clock assistance on any matter;
  • All phone numbers are combined into a corporate account ensuring an easy balance control on-line;
  • Opportunity of advanced deposit or loan payment (cash and non-cash).

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