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Почта России (до 14 раб. дней) - 100 руб.
Даймекс (до 3-х раб. дней) - 500 руб.

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Tip: If you travel as a couple or a group, order each a separate SIM-card.
Price per minute between Sim-travel numbers is only $ 0.25 in most countries.

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Card 1

RUR 600

RUR 600

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RUR 3900

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Advantages of the card SIMTRAVEL

  • Free incoming calls in Europe, U.S.
    and other countries
  • The cost of outgoing calls
    much lower than the usual roaming
  • No subscriber fee
  • Available 5 MB GPRS-Internet abroad for free
  • Preservation of the Russian number
    and free call forwarding
  • Promo offer: 200 rubles as a gift from ABBYY ruPhone


  • Can I take the call at a zero balance?

    Yes, in the countries where incoming calls are free you can take the call at a zero balance.

  • How can I fill up the "Simtravel" cards ?

    With the help of VISA / MasterCard credit cards on our website

  • Is it possible to reserve my Russian phone number and what is it for?

    Reservation of Russian number is the service allowing you to take to SIMTRAVEL number the calls addressed to your Russian mobile number. No subscription fee and connection charge!

    To use the service, you shall:

    1. Dial combination * 146 * 098116 * [ten digits of your Russian number] # and “Call” button with your SIMTRAVEL card.
    2. Before departure dial * * 21 * +78003338848 # and “Call” button with your Russian sim-card.

    Being abroad on trip do not activate the card of your Russian mobile operator. After returning to Russia to disconnect call forwarding service, dial # # 21 # from Russian number.

  • Do I need to set up a mobile phone for running SIMTRAVEL SIM-card ?

    For the most of phones there’s no need to further customize your mobile phone. But for some models (Samsung, iPhone, Blackberry, Fly, Alcatel) the "code compatibility" must be activated. To do this, go to the menu SIMTRAVEL SIM-card , then select Settings and enter code 1101.

  • Is (GPRS/EDGE/3G) Internet service available for SIMTRAVEL customers ?

    Yes, subscribers can use SIMTRAVEL Internet service while abroad. The service is available in 112 countries. Tariffing is rounded to 10 KB and the service cost is from $ 0.01 per 10KB

  • What is a call’s cost to customer Support service from abroad?

    Call to Support subscribers SIMTRAVEL Internet service abroad at +7 495 580-75-57 is free for the first 3 minutes of conversation. Beginning in the 4-th minute, it is billed as a call to Russia at the rate of the country in which you are located. The number of support calls per day is unlimited!