SIMTRAVEL is the first and by far the largest international operator of cellular communication. Every day we provide affordable mobile communication for thousands of our customer who travel abroad.

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How do we do it?

  • We have the lowest rates for roaming. Outgoing calls from the $ 0.15 per minute. This is less than the local operators provide.
  • Free incoming calls!Absolutely free incoming calls in 124 countries around the world, including in the major European countries and the U.S..
  • No monthly fee.Just put away your SIM-card on the shelf until the next trip. Your balance remains, and the card will never be disabled.
  • Low cost of GPRS/EDGE/3G Internet-connection.You can use the mobile internet without restrictions. The cost of traffic is $ 0.19 per megabyte.
  • Partners provide additional discounts for the customers. Just show your SIMTRAVEL card and you can get discounts, gifts, bonuses and flight miles.

Excellent Communication in 199 Countries of the World

International Sim-Card «SIMTRAVEL» may be conveniently used in ever more than 199 countries.
Incoming calls are mostly free of charge, and outgoing calls to Russia and other countries are 10 time cheaper than of Russian mobile network operators. After the first trip you’ll be already convinced that SIMTRAVEL Sim-Cards are inexpensive!

The countries of SIMTRAVEL mobile network operation are orange-colored.

Исх. в Россию

0,55 у.е./мин.

от 0,15 у.е./мин.

от 0,15 у.е./мин.

от 0,15 у.е./мин.

от 0,15 у.е./мин.

от 0,15 у.е./мин.

от 0,15 у.е./мин.

от 0,15 у.е./мин.

от 0,49 у.е./мин.

International Mobile Network Tariffs

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on roaming or have no communication at all at the most inappropriate moment, then tourist SIMTRAVEL Sim-Cards are what you exactly need!

The cost of roaming services (any calls abroad) fixed by the most Russian mobile operators is still unreasonably high. The cost of the same services in the country of staying is lower but also expensive.

  • We spend unreasonably much money on balance top-up before the trip;
  • Being abroad we are always concerned and check the balance to know how much we have already spent? Whether sim-card blocked or not?
  • We can’t comfortably use mobile internet in roaming.

You'll shake all that concerns out of your head, if buy Sim-travel card for your trip. Subscribers’ feedback abount roaming in our network is constantly positive.

SIMTRAVEL is a tourist card especially designed for roaming, communication and calls, when you are abroad. It is low cost of outgoing calls and entirely free incoming calls in 124 countries of the world. It is the absence of any subscription fee, reserved Russian number and excellent quality of communication in more than 199 countries, including in the center of Europe and the USA.

SIMTRAVEL is the best solution for international calls. Tourist sim-card is irreplaceable for company employees regularly leaving on for business foreign trips, for those who travel a lot and even for people who sometimes goes abroad. The experience has proven that the tourist sim-card is justified after just one trip – as you save money on international calls and Internet in roaming!

You may purchase a card for mobile roaming in the network stores, cellular phone stores and tourist companies. We deal with wholesale of sim-cards and delivery them to your home and office. No special connection is required to use a sim-card for SIMTRAVEL roaming. Just put it in your cell phone and call!

SIMTRAVEL is convenient, money-saving and modern. Henceforward the cost of roaming won’t your headache!

Unchanged Russian number

Connect to Unchanged Russian number service – and your relatives, partners and friends will be able to easily reach you during your trip abroad! Everywhere-at-home roaming - Simtravel gives you an opportunity to remain your Russian number unchanged at both incoming and outgoing calls. When you call, your called party will see your usual permanent Russian number on its phone display.

This service is relevant not only for SIM-cards of our clients in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but also for the Simtravel subscribers all over Russia!

Connection to service

Cost of service

  • The cost of diverting incoming calls from Russian mobile number – $0.15 min (4,50 руб.)
  • In countries where incoming calls are free, the cost of such a call shall amount to $0.15 min.
  • This service is not limited in time
  • No fee for connection.
  • No monthly fee, connection to service – free of charge!
  • The cost of incoming calls to international Simtravel number (+3725ХХХХХХХ) corresponding rates of the country of stay.

We provide the best service in Russia.

Now you have an opportunity to connect with technical support desk from any country totally free of charge.

*146*098000# Dial this succession on your phone with SIMTRAVEL card and press «Call»,
and a specialist of Technical Support Service will connect you.

You may call our technical support service personally:

(495) 580-75-57Moscow
(first 3 minutes through SIMTRAVEL are for free)

(812) 449-52-23Saint-Petersburg

8 800 700-02-02For other regions
(free of charge call around Russia)

Do not you like to call for technical support service?

You might find an answer on your question on the website in section «Assistance».