Useful services

Russian Number Reservation

If keeping in touch with your friends, partners or clients is really important to you while you are travelling abroad, connect the service «Russian Number Reservation»! This service is actual not only for Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, but also for SIMTRAVEL subscribers all around Russia! SIMTRAVEL allows keeping Russian phone number both for incoming and outgoing calls. Your Russian number will be determined by phone of the subscriber called.

Connection to service.

Registration – Russian number binding to international tourist sim-card. It is made just once and has no time limits. Dial the combination:

* 146 * 098116 * ХХХ ХХХ ХХ ХХ #

and press the «Call» button.

ХХХ ХХХ ХХ ХХ – 10 digits of Russian number (without «8»), which you’d like to bind to the card of SIMTRAVEL.

Numbers with codes 921, 928, 902-1 and 929-1 are not temporarily registered

Call forwarding.

Call forwarding service should be connected before you go beyond RF border. Each time you departure from Russia, please, set the call forwarding from your Russian number to a free service number: + 7 800 333-88-48, and all incoming calls will be forwarded to your tourist sim-card SIMTRAVEL.
Call forwarding from Russian mobile number to a unified service number +7 800 333-88-48 is free of charge.
Typical command for call forwarding from Russian cell phone is:

* * 21 * +78003338848 #

and «Call» button.
You may also make call forwarding from the menu of your Russian cell phone.

MTS subscribers can’t temporarily make call forwarding to the free number +7 800 333-88-48, but you may use the alternative number +7 499 709-02-02 (combination for switching call forwarding function on is * * 21 * +74997090202 #). In this case the cost of forwarding will be equal to the cost of calling to Moscow city number.

Cost of service.

Incoming call while service use Cost of incoming call depending on the country of staying + 0,15 c.u./min.
Incoming call to the main number of SIM-card No change of cost
Cost of forwarding from Russian cell phone to the unified service number +7 800 333-88-48 Free of charge
Connection charge Free of charge
Subscription fee NO
Term of service Unlimited

Please, note:

If upon connection to the service your Russian phone or number of tourist SIM-card SIMTRAVEL changed, you have to disconnect binding and re-register it in the Personal Account of SIMTRAVEL Subscriber or through Subscriber Support Service.

Only one Russian number may be bound to one card of SIMTRAVEL. If you’d like to take calls from several Russian numbers, you have to install call forwarding function from them to the number you may bind to SIMTRAVEL card.

Service number +7 800 333-88-48 provides for free of charge calls forwarding installed hereon. Nevertheless, in a view of individual pricing of Russian cellular operators, the call may be appeared to require payment under the terms of your tariff. Please, specify this point in the Support Service of your operator. For instance, holders of some Beeline tariffs pay for forwarding to free service numbers 3.50 RUR/min.

Call forwarding function should be set before you depart from Russia. Do not switch on Russian sim-card abroad: then forwarding to the number +7 800 333-88-48 will be rated by your Russian operator as outgoing call in roaming.

Beeline subscribers registered as individuals connect to call forwarding service by a call to Subscriber Support Service of the operator.

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