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Free calls from Skype

Now from any part of the planet your reltives and close friends may call your SIMTRAVEL sim-card for free woth service «Free calls from Skype» connected.


They just need to connect the service «Free calls from Skype»:

Cost for incoming call coming from Skype for SIMTRAVEL subscriber include cost for incoming call in country of staying plus 0,20 c.u. for minute. This means that in 135 countries with free incoming calls a tourist spends only RUR 7 and the person using Skype to make a call will not pay any money.

Cost of connection Free of charge
Subscription fee No
Additional cost for incoming calls 0,20 c.u. per minute
Number format when calling from Skype +372 (800) ХХ-ХХ-ХХ-ХХ
ХХ-ХХ-ХХ-ХХ – SIMTRAVEL number without +372
Number of format that will be displayed if incoming call is coming from Skype +372 (800) ХХ-ХХ-ХХ-ХХ
Connection of service *146*098141#
Disconnection of service *146*098142#
Check of status and term *146*098140#


You may also connect and disconnect service in personal account of SIMTRAVEL subscriber.

Приведем пример:

Making a free call from Skype to SIMTRAVEL subscriber’s number +37253204388, subscriber is in Italy:

Dial in Skype +37280053204388.

Cost for those calling - Free

Cost for those being called - RUR 7.

How to use service:

  • Use the latest Skype version cause it include special updates for SIMTRAVEL;if using earlier versions (released before July 13, 2012) you may have problems while dialing numder with format +372800XXXXXXXX.
  • As a rule incoming call made from Skype is coming to SIMTRAVEL from number starting with +372800. There is a small probability that number will be displayed incorrectly.
  • If when dialing number from Skype user has already chosen Estonian code from the list, he should dial 800XXXXXXXX, cause prefix +372 will be added automatically.
  • If a user dials SIMTRAVEL number in Skype without 800 (for example, +37253204388), tariff for the call will be as for the call to Estonian mobile number, SIMTRAVEL user pays for incoming call only, is this call isn’t free.
  • If «Free calls from Skype» service isn’t activated for articular sim-card, when dialing from Skype there will be an automatic message: «The mobile phone is either switched off or out of coverage area».
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