New development – WebCall


We are happy to announce a breakthrough development for all Simtravel clients. Web call will change the way family and colleagues can reach Simtravel users.

Rates drop in China and the UAE


Simtravel lowers calling rates in China and the UAE. Data rates are reduced 4 times in the UAE.

Conference call now available


Simtravel Conference service gives an opportunity to organize the conference by dialing the +372993 number. Simultaneous number of allowed participants including Simtravel user is limited to 10.

Changes in rates


We are glad to inform You that starting 1 April 2013 Simtravel lowers rates in Panama.

Ecuador: a fall in rates


Simtravel lowers rates in Ecuador.

Free 60 min of Trustive SimWifi


Christmas time is here and we’re happy to make you a gift! Get your first Trustive SimWifi 60 min package absolutely free of charge just dialing *146*1060#.

American numbers available


Simtravel offers unique feature that allows you to have a local (+1) number while being in USA, Canada, Puerto Rico or Mexico. We hope that this will simplify the process of being reached on a local number within these countries.