How to buy?

Is it possible to use SIM-card in iPhone or iPad?

Yes, it is possible! You may order a special Micro SIM-card SIMTRAVEL on our web-site or buy it in Hello ATMs.

Where SIMTRAVEL SIM-Card with a special tariff «America» may be bought?

You may order a card with the tariff «America» on our web-site and Hello Terminals at the airports Domodedovo, Vnukovo, Sheremetyevo and Paveletskiy Railway Station, and at cellular communication stores as well.

What is the cost of SIMTRAVEL SIM-card with the balance 10 c.u.?

SIM-card with the balance 10 c.u. costs RUR 890.00 at cellular communication stores. You may also buy it for RUR 500.00 on our web-site (free delivery around Moscow and Saint-Petersburg).

Where to buy SIMTRAVEL SIM-card?

You may buy it at any time on the web-site. Section «Order SIM-card»

  1. To buy in Hello Terminals in Arbat, Paveletskiy Railway Station, and at the airports Vnukovo, Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo.
  2. In all communication stores of «Euroset», «Svyaznoy» and «Ion».
  3. In all stores «Sedmoy Kontinent».
  4. More detailed information on purchase of sim-cards «SIMTRAVEL» may be obtained in the section «Где купить». The cost of such sim-card is also given in that section.

How to use?

Can I take the call at a zero balance?

Yes, in the countries where incoming calls are free you can take the call at a zero balance.

Is it possible to reserve my Russian phone number and what is it for?

Reservation of Russian number is the service allowing you to take to SIMTRAVEL number the calls addressed to your Russian mobile number. No subscription fee and connection charge!

To use the service, you shall:

  1. Dial combination * 146 * 098116 * [ten digits of your Russian number] # and “Call” button with your SIMTRAVEL card.
  2. Before departure dial * * 21 * +78003338848 # and “Call” button with your Russian sim-card.

Being abroad on trip do not activate the card of your Russian mobile operator. After returning to Russia to disconnect call forwarding service, dial # # 21 # from Russian number.

Do I need to set up a mobile phone for running SIMTRAVEL SIM-card ?

For the most of phones there’s no need to further customize your mobile phone. But for some models (Samsung, iPhone, Blackberry, Fly, Alcatel) the "code compatibility" must be activated. To do this, go to the menu SIMTRAVEL SIM-card , then select Settings and enter code 1101.

Is (GPRS/EDGE/3G) Internet service available for SIMTRAVEL customers ?

Yes, subscribers can use SIMTRAVEL Internet service while abroad. The service is available in 112 countries. Tariffing is rounded to 10 KB and the service cost is from $ 0.01 per 10KB

Does SIMTRAVEL work in the territory of Russia?

As while purchase of SIMTRAVEL sim-card you don’t present any documents, therefore pursuant to anti-terrorist laws of RF you can’t use this card in the territory of Russia. But you may check and to-up balance and activate service comands (discount SMS packages, reservation of Russian number and other).

What is a call’s cost to customer Support service from abroad?

Call to Support subscribers SIMTRAVEL Internet service abroad at +7 495 580-75-57 is free for the first 3 minutes of conversation. Beginning in the 4-th minute, it is billed as a call to Russia at the rate of the country in which you are located. The number of support calls per day is unlimited!

How much does the call from one number of SIMTRAVEL to another number of SIMTRAVEL cost?

In the countries with free incoming calls – 135 countries – a call from one SIM-card to another costs 0,25 c.u./min. For other countries such cost is equal to the cost of call to Russia. In the section «Cost of Call Inside the Network» all the rates for such calls are stated in the section «Rates».

How to call to SIMRAVEL number from Russia? How much does such call cost?

A call to the main number of SIMTRAVEL is international. A number in international format +3 725 ХХХ-ХХ-ХХ, should be dialed from cell phone, and while calling from city number you should dial 8-10-3-725 ХХХ-ХХ-ХХ. The cost of a call to SIMTRAVEL number is equal to the cost of call to mobile Estonian number. Exact cost of a minute of call from your Russian number should be specified in the Support Service of your operator. Connecting to the service «Russian Number Reservation» you may be called to your Russian number, and the cost of call is from 0,25 to 2,50 RUR (according to operator’s tariffs).

How to call from a SIMTRAVEL card?

Number for a call is dialing in international format. For instance: if you need to call the number 8 (903) 123-45-67, please, dial it as follows: +7 903 123-45-67. Upon the call the message “Wait for Call” will be reflected, and in a few seconds an incoming call from the number (+7 903 123-45-67) will be taken to your number. Take a call and wait for subscriber's response. Tariffication of calls commence since that moment.

How to activate SIM-card?

SIM-card is activated automatically at the moment of registration in the network of cellular communication operator. Activation may be made both abroad and in Russia. During a minute thereafter a sum of starting balance will be credited to your account. If no crediting occurs, please, address to Subscriber Support Service: +7 (495) 580-75-57, 8 800 700-02-02.

How to renew the balance?

How can I fill up the "Simtravel" cards ?

With the help of VISA / MasterCard credit cards on our website

How to renew balance being abroad?

Being abroad, you may top-up balance of «SIMTRAVEL»:

  1. On our site via bank card.
  2. By e-money.
  3. Our balance may be renewed by your relatives and friends in the territory of RF at communication stores via terminals and ATMs.

Is it possible to top-up balance before SIM-card activation?

Yes, the balance may be renewed before card activation through any way convenient for you. At activation you’ll already have a sim-card with balance.

To Corporate clients

How much does a SIM-card for corporate clients cost?

Corporate clients get SIMTRAVEL SIM-card for free at a , when at a $50 replenishment of each card

What is the advantage of corporate servicing?

Advantages of corporate servicing:

  • SIM-cards are provided free of charge.
  • One personal account for all numbers of a company.
  • Balance replenishment at the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation as of the date of payment.
  • Access to the corporate profile with the ability to monitor the personal account balance online, to view call details, etc.
  • Different settlement systems (advance and credit)
  • Official charging of the abroad mobile communications costs under the company’s expenses for tax accounting.
  • Possibility to determine the employees location on Google Maps.
  • Use of SIM cards within the territory of the Russian Federation. Outgoing calls at $0.45. Incoming calls are free of charge.
  • Personal Manager.

    What do you need to sign a corporate services contract?

    In order to enter into a corporate services contract you need to provide details of your organization to our managers.

    What is the minimum number of SIM-cards that can be connected to a corporate contract?

    For the conclusion of a corporate contract it is necessary to connect 2 SIM-cards

    To partners

    How to review dealership contract?

    Send us information on your company to e-mail for partners partner@sim-travel.ru, and in response you’ll immediately get all necessary information and drafts of contracts.

    How a Dealer may top-up balance of SIMTRAVEL sim-cards for the clients?

    There are a few options:

    • Sale of express-payment cards;
    • Through Personal Account; one company may have several personal accounts;
      For instance, per each your outlet;
    • The subscriber may independently top-up its number using any of the existing options for top-up balance.

    Any detailed information may be get from your personal manager.

    Will any information on our company as your dealer be posted on web-site of SIMTRAVEL?

    Certainly. We’ll post your corporate information in the section «Where to Buy».

    «Personal Account» functions

    Via «Personal Account» you may:

    • Renew balances of tourist sim-cards SIMTRAVEL
    • Renew balances of sim-cards held by your corporate clients
    • Check sim-card balance
    • See calls itemization
    • Review statistics of renewals on your personal account
    • A number of other additional options

    Is it necessary to fill any documents in at sale of a sim-card?

    No, sale of tourist sim-cards SIMTRAVEL requires no filling in of any documents, as a sim-card will be used only abroad. No contract with a subscriber is entered by the dealer. Before purchasing a sim-card the Subscriber may familiarize with a public contract (offer) and the fact of tourist sim-card purchase will be deemed a consent with the public contract.

    Does sim-card of SIMTRAVEL work in Russia?

    Tourist sim-card «SIMTRAVEL» doesn’t work for voice calls in Russia. Only service commands are available in Russia (starting balance activation, «Russian Number Reservation» service, getting / sending of sms-messages and other service functions)

    To ask the question

    To ask the question

    Please, fill in the form to use the data entered to address your question. A response to your question will be sent during a day.

    Are you a subscriber of SIMTRAVEL?

    Form is filled out with mistakes

    Please, check the fill-out form.
    Margins in which introduced errors are rubricated.


    Все поля являются обязательными для заполнения.

    What is roaming?

    You do not know what roaming is?

    International roaming service is the process of providing mobile communications services to a subscriber located outside the coverage area of its "domestic" network using the resources of another operator’s network. At the same time, fees for international services are deducted from the subscriber's account. The subscriber's phone number remains unchanged in roaming. The Internet account statement service while staying in roaming is also available.

    There are several types of roaming services, of which there are basically two: national roaming (which means that you are using a network of another mobile operator within the same country, but everything happens under certain conditions. For example: if you are going to India, this type of roaming services is the most common here) and international roaming (you are using the network of a foreign provider. This roaming is easiest to work in the GSM standard (which is among our offers) and enjoys great popularity (about 80% of the operators)). Besides, you can connect to GPRS while being in roaming, and the Internet for iPhone and iPad is quick and easy to connect thanks to Simtravel’s offers.

    When choosing roaming and being guided by work of your operator’s service, you are tracking the cost of calls you are making while staying in the territory or abroad.

    How to connect roaming?

    You do not know how to connect international roaming abroad?

    A distinctive feature of our roaming services as compared to those provided by other operators is the absence of additional procedures. Connecting and configuring international roaming occurs automatically when buying a Simtravel SIM card. Where can you buy a tourist SIM card? You can do it right here – on our website or in the stores of "Euroset", "Svyaznoy" and "Ion". Period of validity of your SIM card is unlimited! You will have access to 193 countries of international roaming and the Internet at low prices!

    We can offer special travel SIM cards that are optimized specifically for use while traveling. By purchasing the SIM card without a passport inserting it in your phone, you will automatically skip to roaming when crossing the border and will already be able to communicate!

    Round-the-Clock Support of Subscribers


    Dial this succession on your phone with SIMTRAVEL card and press «Call» and a specialist of Technical Support Service will connect you.

    You may call our technical support service personally:

    (495) 580 75 57Moscow
    (first 3 minutes through SIMTRAVEL are for free)

    (812) 449 52 23Saint-Petersburg

    8 800 700 02 02For other regions
    (free of charge call around Russia)