Tourist SIM-card

Travel SIM-cards have appeared on the market as a profitable alternative to international roaming services of the local mobile operators and local SIM-cards. Providing all the usual functions and operations, tourist SIMTRAVEL SIM-card offers to all travelers significant savings!

One of the problems with traveling abroad is expensive roaming. Whatever domestic operator you choose, the cost of international mobile phone will still be unreasonably high in comparison with the travel SIM-card. Though it is true that if for the travel time you are used to send a couple of SMS kind of "flew, got" and "I'm back, sweet home!", so then you've already found the most economical option of communication.

If you are used to share experiences, to keep abreast of what is happening with friends and family for miles away from you, especially with children and older people, and if you need to keep abreast of business processes , then you probably know the feeling of acute annoyance of exorbitant roaming rates. Worse yet, even this expensive communication can be lost for long if roaming "ate" the balance in the account of mobile phone in the first days of your trip.

Local operator’s SIM-card allows you to save on communication, but also has some disadvantages. In many countries, in addition to the SIM-card you have to pay for the connection. All SIM-services appear to be in a foreign language. Duration of without use period of the local SIM-card is limited. In addition, in each country you have to buy a new card and once again notify all of your contacts about a new phone number.

So, what should you do if you are used to count the money to stay in touch and do not want to confuse your colleagues, family and friends once your phone number gets changed? The answer is use the travel SIMTRAVEL SIM-card.

Travel SIM-card is a modern, cost-effective and easy solution for the connections abroad! SIMTRAVEL SIM-card has not a limited duration, it can be your constant companion on trips for many years. Single number in the coverage area and high quality reception makes modern traveler’s choice obvious: only SIMTRAVEL tourist SIM-card .

So, connecting your Simtravel tourist card during a trip you get:

  • Geographical coverage - more than 193 countries.
  • No monthly fees.
  • No set-up fee.
  • Free incoming calls in more than 135 countries around the world, even with zero balance.
  • Incoming calls cost in other countries is several times lower than that of local operators.
  • Calls from 0.15 $ per minute
  • Free incoming sms.
  • Same cost of outgoing calls worldwide at the lowest rates.
  • Same cost of outgoing SMS - 10 cents.
  • Opportunity to find out rates for communication in advance .

Starter kit Simtravel, which includes tourist sim-card with a phone number (code 372), a user's manual in Russian, as well as the starting balance, opportunity to get through to your Russian mobile number if you activate service "Preservation of the Russian number." The connection quality is higher than that of local operators - SIMTRAVEL SIM-card chooses the operator network with the best reception at any given point in time. Unlimited validity period - if you top up your balance, but do not spend all money on the trip, the remaining funds can be used next time.

Simtravel’s Anthem

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