Useful services


GPRS/EDGE/3G service allows you to:

  • Access to the Internet from a mobile phone via GPRS-modem;
  • Access to e-mail;
  • Communicate with online applications and social networks;
  • To pay for communication services online with payment systems.

Cost of service:

Cost depends on the country of residence (from 0.19 $ / 1MB).
Rounding traffic is 10 Kilobytes.
No monthly fees.
No cost of connection.

More information about the cost of services - see rates.

Settings GPRS/EDGE/3G:

Set manually:

APN (Access Point): send.ee
User name (Username): SIM-card number in the format 37251234567
Password (Password): leave blank

Configured as a modem:

Insert to SMTP mail server to register: gprsmail.send.ee

By the way:

A preset Internet settings of other operators stay the same. On return, you can switch them manually back to the configuration settings.

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