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Package «Preferential Russia»

The package is automatically enabled in the SIM-cards activated on or after December 23, 2011.

Often in the EU? In that case, you can further reduce the cost of cellular roaming. This function allows you to put down costs as for calls to Russia and within the host country and the numbers of operators in other countries.

International sim-card for Europe is the alternative for European roaming of MTS, Beeline, Megafon and other mobile operators, and also for purchase of local sim-cards in the countries of Europe. You have a choice, when making calls to Europe from different operators, for instance, MTS, Megafon and Beeline, it is tourist sim-cards of SIMTRAVEL.
Our sim-cards for Europe are designed with account of tourists’ needs. They are easy to use. Roaming is activated automatically while crossing the border, and what is important the cost of calls is unified in different countries of Europe. Besides, we offer high quality of roaming, as due to cooperation with many local operators we activate the roaming automatically, selecting according to a certain place the best by quality signal from the source of communication.
Our sim-cards have no subscription fee and limits in time of operation. Coming back from travelling you make take it with you for a next trip! Inexpensive SMS and SMS in roaming and MMS in roaming and also cheap Internet are all very comfortable and profitable with a SIMTRAVEL card.

Package «European» valid in the following countries:

For subscribers of archive tariff «Whole World» this option is connected to through a service command or you may address to SIMTRAVEL Subscriber Support Service.


Connection to service * 146 * 931 * 2 #
Cost of connection 3 c.u.
Term 360 days
Check of status and term * 146 * 932 * 2 #

More information about the cost of calls - see Rates.

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