Useful services

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding is a service which allows you to stay connected to the people who know only the number of your travel SIM-card. Most importantly, the call forwarding of SIMTRAVEL number is absolutely free when you are redirected to a Russian phone number!


Connection (location does not matter) Free
subscription fee No
The cost of the forwarded call to the numbers:
Russian Free
Ukraine Free
Turkey Free
Egypt Free
U.S. Free
Czech Republic Free
Румынии 0,25 у.е./мин.

The full list of countries and the cost of forwarding to the number of these states.

The service:

On * 146 * 081 * 00, the country code, city or operator, phone number #
Off * 146 * 080 #


It is possible to install only the unconditional forwarding
Forwarding is the only installed by the method above.

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