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GPRS-Package «Europe Online»

This option allows you to reduce the cost of Internet access in roaming. You will be able to use the services of GPRS/EDGE/3G 0.19 $ / MB.

connection costs Free
Subscription fee 1.90 $ / Day
The volume of traffic included in the monthly fee 10 MB
Rounding traffic 100 KB
Command for activating the package *146*551#
Check the status *146*552#
Deactivation of application support service subscribers +74955807557
(«Simtravel» card provides the first 3 minutes free)


The package is valid in the following countries:

Austria Denmark Luxembourg Slovakia
Belgium Ireland Malta Slovenia
Bulgaria Iceland Martinique Finland
United Kingdom Spain Netherlands France
Hungary Italy Norway Czech Republic
Germany Cyprus Luxembourg Sweden
Guadeloupe Latvia Poland Estonia
Greece Lithuania Portugal  



  • Activation of the package enables when you are in one of the countries in which it operates. Upon activation of the subscriber's account is written off in the amount of the daily fee. If the caller leaves a country in which Simtravel is valid , the monthly fee is not written off. After returning to the country in which the package is valid, the service is automatically activated.
  • The volume of traffic included in the monthly fee, is added in one or more sessions, regardless of the mobile operator.
  • After the excess of the traffic included in the monthly fee, service charges Internet using standard tariffs.
  • Not used during the day traffic included in the monthly fee is not transferable to another term.
  • Reactivation of the package within 24 hours since its activation is not possible.
  • If there is residue of free 5 MB traffic in Europe and Turkey, free traffic is firstly used, and then the traffic included in the monthly fee.
  • To cancel the service, contact customer support «Simtravel».
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