Useful services

Personal assistant

Personal Assistant is a new service for SIMTRAVEL. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, our experts in touch with you and ready to help in any situation - from booking to organizing business conferences. The competence of our employees covers the most extensive list of questions, a 25-year experience in concierge services, a huge network of partner organizations (more than 65,000 accredited contractors and specialists in different areas around the world), language support for 90 languages, so your «personal assistant» will help you feel safe abroad and solve questions.

Just call the number +372 992 for use of the service.

Cost of service:

It is a free service till January 1, 2014 . You only pay for the call according to the rates in the host country.

List of services:

On-line translator:

  • «Personal Assistant» will help the client to translate the information to any of the major languages. Using the resources of 26 call-centers around the world, language support is available in over 90 languages.
  • It is available to organize the conference call involving three lines: subscriber, person, whom you want to translate («Personal Assistant» will get in touch with him and will add to the conference call), «Personal Assistant». If the person, whom you want to get translated, is in the same room with the Subscriber, you can use the speakerphone.

Legal assistance:

  • Information about the features of the legislation of the country
  • Lawyer assistance
  • Communication with law officials
  • Violation of your rights

Medical aid:

  • Online medical consultation
  • Call an ambulance
  • Search and admittance to the doctor
  • Outpatient and inpatient treatment

Travel problems:

  • Problems at check-in
  • Hotel search and book
  • Search and buy tickets for all modes of transport
  • Rent a car
  • Taxi, shuttle
  • Emergencies

Leisure (the host country):

  • Restaurants, clubs, bars
  • Theatres, cinemas
  • Tours
  • Shopping, etc.

Our experts will help you in these and many other questions, and they are ready to help at any point in the world.

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