Useful services


SIMTRAVEL subscribers can send and receive MMS-messages. At the moment it is possible to send messages to numbers of other SIMTRAVEL subscribers and e-mail.

In the near future it will be possible to send MMS to numbers of other mobile operators.

The service is free - you pay only for the traffic of transmitted messages according to GPRS tariffs in the host country. The average cost of a MMS is 0.15 USD

More about the service:

MMS-message to SIMTRAVEL phone number is free (pay only for the traffic)
MMS-message to e-mail is free of charge (you pay only for the traffic)
The maximum size is 300 KB

MMS-message can be sent to only one SIMTRAVEL number or email address.


APN: send.ee
Server Address: http://mms.emt.ee/servlets/mms
Proxy address: port 8080

Make sure you are in a network of operator, providing GPRS.
Change the operator in the network settings on your phone.

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