Useful services

Voice mail, and fax

With the help of the international SIMTRAVEL SIM-card you can receive voice messages and faxes.

Receiving and audition of your voice messages.


Record messages free
Listening to messages left equal to the cost of outgoing calls in the host country
subscription fee No
connection costs Free

Service commands:

Activation of the service * 146 * 091 #
Deactivate call * 146 * 090 #
Check messages * 146 * 094 #
Listen to messages * 146 * 095 #, after answering an additional 1

The voice menu:

Login to the voice menu * 146 * 095 #
Aid *
Mailbox Features 0
Listen to voice messages 1
Change directory 2
Additional features 3
Listen to the message again 5
Listen to the next message 6
Delete Post
You should regularly delete messages
Output #

Receiving Faxes

1. Send an email with the subject: «Fax», at: support@sim-travel.ru
2. Indicate in the letter your number of SIMTRAVEL and email address to which you want to receive faxes.

Now, when the counterparty sends a fax to your number of SIMTRAVEL , you will receive a document by mail as an attachment in a format . tiff. Multipage fax comes in the form of several letters.

Be careful: the fax reception is initiated in those cases in which the voice mail is activated:

  • If you are outside the network or off;
  • If an incoming call is rejected;
  • If the call is not answered within a minute (depending on the settings of the fax sender).


Thus, you can choose between voice messages and receive faxes.

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