Useful services

Conference communication

«Conference» service allows communicating with several subscribers simultaneously in the conference-call mode. SIMTRAVEL subscriber may initiate conference among 10 subscribers (including SIMTRAVEL subcriber)

Conference arrangement

  • SIMTRAVEL subscriber calls to the number +372-993
  • After the answer of interactive voice response press * and dial the number of subscriber, who will join the conference, in international format (74951234567) and press #.
  • To get one more participant to be involved in the conference press *, then once more * and dial the subscriber’s number in international format and press #. After response of a new participant of the conference you should press * to unite all the participants.

Maximum number of participants is 10, including subscribers of SIMTRAVEL.

Cost of service

The service is payable basing on the cost of outgoing calls in the country of staying. And the cost is calculated in the following way:

  • General duration of the conference (starting from a call to service number +372-993)
  • Duration of each subscriber’s participation in the conference.
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